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About APSM

Albert Park Lake is Melbourne’s spiritual sporting centre and home to Albert Park-South Melbourne (APSM) Rowing Club. Founded in 1995, APSM is a non-profit organisation run by members who generously give their time to create a club where everyone can enjoy their chosen sport and social activity related to rowing.

APSM prides itself on being committed to its rowers and understanding the need to enjoy yourself as well. These values are reflected in our Mission Statement:

‘To provide a range of rowing experiences for existing and new members, and to nurture social cohesion and competitive talent within the Club’.

The Club operates under the auspices of Rowing Victoria.

Our location: Aughtie Drive, Plant Williamson Rowing Pavilion, Albert Park Lake VIC 3206 (opposite MSAC)


About Albert Park Lake

Albert Park Lake is the only inner-city rowing venue that has a 6 lane rowing course for regattas. This gives rowers flexibility to train at their own pace and not be interrupted or intimidated by other rowers or crews. Albert Park Lake has a rowing length of approximately 1700m which is ideal for sprints, racing a full length course, or technique rowing. Visit Parks Victoria for more information.

Contact Us
Phone : 0408 691 493


32-36 Aughtie Drive

Albert Park 3206

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