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  • HALF ARM: Raise ARM to Elbow Height 
  • STRING: as in string up - latch on rowlock [pronounced rollick] so string up translates as put oar into rowlock, close and tighten latch - note - latch does not need to be tightened hard.
  • SWEEP: 1 Oar per person single, double, quad, octo 
  • SCULL: 2 Oars per person, single, double, quad, octo
  • TOUCH/TAP: Selected Crew do light rowing, Arms only
  • STRETCHER: Holds the shoes/straps into which feet are placed 
  • SKEG: Also called fin - flat, thin, roughly triangular piece of metal/plastic jutting from the bottom of the boat, in line with or contiguous with the rudder
  • GUNWALES: edges of the boat to which the riggers or quick release plates are attached [pronounced gunnels]
  • UNSTRING: the reverse of ‘string up’, loosen the latch, take oar out and place next to gate, do up latch.
  • SHIPOAR: Pull oar handle in and away from water so that the oar shaft is lying across the boat.
  • UNSHIPOAR: Push blade away from the boat so that that the blade is floating on or in the water.
  • COXSWAIN: Person who controls the boat, the crew, the environment, can interpret what the Swahili speaking coach says in a way that the crew can understand, is, when needed, able to blister paint at 50 metres distance through tone and choice of words, is so light that a boat tie is needed plus a bag of weights to reach the minimum legal weight, is able to compute the most efficient path taking into consideration, wind/tide/current/other boats/ripple/condition of crew and individuals/ air disturbances from passing birds/effect of spectators and passerbys -their demeanour, noise and dress, current code, rules and regulations nuance and interpretation and is worth 1.681 crew member.

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