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2015 Carrum Regatta

  • 05 Dec 2015
  • 7:00 AM
  • Nagambie


  • Seat fee $16.50
    Pay Pal fee .50
    Total $17.00
  • 2 Events $34.00 including paypal
  • 3 Events @ $17.00 Total $51.00
  • 4 Events @ $17.00 each Total $68.00

Registration is closed
Entries Close: 7pm, Sunday 30 November 2015
Authorisation of Entries Close: 9am, Monday 1December 2015
Seat Fee: $16.50 (per seat)
Late Entry Fee: $16.50 per seat (must be emailed to by club Super user)
Late Scratching Fee: $100 (charged after 2:30pm on the last business day prior to the regatta)
Non Appearance Fee: $200
Entry fees are payable once entries have closed

Specific Information re Grade Events run as divisions.

B, C and D Grade events will be run as divisions - where there are more than 7 entries in any of these events, the event will be divided (randomly) into divisions and only a first and final will be run.
This is being trialled after feedback from many clubs, it will give rowers an opportunity to race in more events as they can be certain only one race per (grade) event will be required.
Medals will be awarded to all divisions.

First Session: event 1 - 44
Second Session: event 45 - 93

Please see ROMS web site for additional information

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