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APSM Rower in Paris!

05 Dec 2011 10:45 AM | Anonymous

News from Walter:

OctoscullI am now a registered Parisian Rower.  I had to join the local club so now I have no excuse to go and row.  It is costing me about $30 per row with the fees I had to pay, but hey what a great place to row!!  The circuit they do is an 8 km circuit – octo 8’s are the norm,  the guys are really friendly,  and fortunately some speak pretty good English.   I have stroked a couple 4’s  and made the guys work a bit – they tend to take things pretty slow  and easy while I want to get  some much needed exercise after 80 hour weeks in the office!  I managed to get into the octo 8 once, and hope to do more of that.   Temperatures are falling and we had frost on the ramp to the water which was pretty slippery but the water is nice and flat and protected.  When we row in the open river the barges tend to leave a pretty big wake so they have patrol boats in case you get swamped.

20 more days to go, I am looking forward to a good steak.  I prefer home cooking after 3 months on the road.

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